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Welcome to the Ontario Landlord Help Group

Owned by Rent4All Property Management Inc. We collaborate to provide comprehensive 3% property management services throughout Ontario. Our group is dedicated to supporting landlords with expert advice, resources, and services.

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Every month, we field over 300 questions and provide over 20,000 answers on average. Be part of a vibrant community where landlords collaborate and support each other. Please note that this is an exclusive group for landlords, and we do not allow tenants.

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  • Free Drafting of Termination Notices: Including N4-N13 and free application filing.
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  • Affordable Legal Rates: Landlord Pro Legal SPC offers exclusive member only discounts with OLH Memberships.
  • Comprehensive Services: From legal assistance to strategic property management advice.

Landlord Help Services Ontario
Landlord Help Services Ontario

We founded the Facebook group over 10 years ago. Our team consists of marketing experts, real estate brokers, property managers, leasing agents, and other professionals. Since our inception, we’ve been staunch advocates for landlords. In fact, we’ve initiated a petition to challenge the current eviction process overseen by the Landlord and Tenant Board. Additionally, we’re in the process of establishing a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for landlord rights and lobbying for changes with the government.

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Ontario Landlord Self Help
Ontario Landlord Self Help

Paralegal Help for Landlords

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If you're in need of a paralegal firm specializing in landlord representation and adept in Landlord and Tenant Board matters, look no further than Landlord Pro Legal. They have the expertise to assist you with any situation you're currently facing.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with a Paralegal, simply click the link and select the representative you'd prefer to collaborate with.

Landlord Self Help

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